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How to Prevent Android Smartphone From OverHeating

Android device is the most popular smartphones and it's used by over 70% of users Around the world but the main issue of many Android smartphones is the overheating processes. Meanwhile, many Android users don't know why their Smartphone keeps draining the battery and over heating all time.
How to fixed  Android device draining Battery or over heating
If you are using a phone and you notice your smartphone keeps draining the battery and overheating too much, the first steps you have to do is to find where the issue is coming from. how can I find where this issue is coming from? these are the issue that causes a lot of Android smartphone to keeps draining the battery or over heating all time.

1. Background app
2. Uninstall Unused apps
3. Screen Brightness
4.Disable Connection After Used
5. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Or GPS
6. Overheating when Charging
7. Battery Overheating
8. Malware and Viruses
9. Avoid Animated Or Live Wallpaper

How To Fix Android Over Heating Issue

1. Background Apps
If you are not using your phone intensively and you notice you battery keeps dropping or your phone keeps over heating. this could be the background apps so you need to disable them quickly to make your phone battery last longer. to fix these issues go to your phone Settings>Apps>Running to view all apps running in the background and Stop them.

2. Uninstall Unused apps.
What makes a lot of Android users Smartphone to keep draining fast it's because of some strong and useless apps installed on the phone. most Especially VPN apps, Du Battery Saving Clean Master Etc. Meanwhile, a lot of Android users might not know that it's one of the biggest issues that cause smartphone overheating all time. for better performances kindly remove those useless apps to improves your phone battery life and ram.

3. Screen Brightness
Android Smartphone may drain the battery and overheat too much if the screen brightness is too high. too high brightness on android phone is the fastest way to drain android smartphone life. to save your android smartphone from draining and overheating, always make sure you adjust your brightness to 10% or Automatic mode.

4. Disable Connection After Use.
Normally Mobile Network also drains a battery, though this happens to all Android devices. but the main reason why some Android smartphone keeps overheating is that many users always forgot to Switched of their Data connection after used. this could probably cause overheating and draining of battery on Android smartphone.

5. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Or GPS
it's advisable for all Android Users, to switch off  Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPS connection when they are not using them because this 3 connection always drain users battery very fast and also it might cause overheating as well.

6. Overheating while Charging
If you notice your phone keeps overheating when this could be the charger you are using with the phone may not compatible or the phone battery itself is weak. in addition, always make sure when charging your phone don't use the phone to play games or stream with a data connection.  if you would like to play a game or browse the internet best advice is to remove the charger from the phone to avoid overheating.

7. Battery Overheating
The Most common issue of Android smartphone is battery overheating" If your phone is fine and you encounter the phone drains the battery a lot, then what could be the cause of this issue? to fix this problem Just go to your Phone dial pad and dial this code *#*#4636*#*# immediately you dial the code it will show all the battery status temperature. your phone battery temperature should not high than 25'C-40'C and if your battery is 50'C you still have a chance to take care of it.

8. Avoid Animated Or Live Wallpaper
Some Wallpaper on Android Smartphone consumes a lot of energy and ram, some of those wallpaper includes animated and live wallpaper. if you have anyone installed on your phone and you notice your phone battery runs out quickly. kindly uninstall the wallpaper for better performance.

9. Malware and Viruses
A malware could also the cause of overheating because nowadays a lot of people doesn't bother about installing antivirus on their android phone which is not good enough. that's why malware automatically installed on some Android phone and cause overheating. we recommend Android users to look for the best antivirus like Mcafee, avast, 360 Security and cm antivirus on playstore for better performances.

I believe this tutorial will really help you. if you have any issues with your phone don't hesitate to drop your comment below. thanks
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