Friday, 8 September 2017

How to Get Adsense Approval For Blogger or WordPress Within 3days

Are you searching around for the best ways on how you can get an Adsense approval for your blog or WordPress? Now adays to get Adsense approval is what many bloggers and many people are facing now why? Because of insufficient content or No clean navigation icon on Blog or website.
In terms of displaying ads on a blog or website,  Google Adsense is the best platforms and it's very easy to get approval within 3-7days if you use a very nice Responsive templates and you configure your blog or website with a Clean navigation icon including some few traffics by sharing your Post to social Media as well.

So without too much of time left,  let quickly check out all steps you need to take before applying Adsense for your blog or website to get approval within 3-7days.  So Let's get Started...

10 Things To Get Adsense Approval For Blogger or WordPress 

Step 1. When you create a blogger or WordPress account, The first thing to do is to buy and add a custom domain to it. You can easily buy the domain from Goddady, Google domain, or 1and1 at a very cheap Price and make sure the domain is up-to 14 or 30days  before applying for Google Adsense.

Step 2. Next, Now you will need to apply a very Clean Responsive Templates  to the Blog or website to make it look awesome and Good looking. You can easily get this From Theme 24x7 or MS Designbd or Goyabi Template and others. 

Step 3. Make sure you have up-to 15 to 20 post written on your blog or website with high quality contents 

Step 4. Now adays, Many bloggers copy others post or articles in other to get an Adsense approval which is very wrong. If you have copied content on your blog or website this will affect you. So find out such post and deleted it from your blog instantly .

Step 5. Make sure you don't  copy Copyright pictures and added it to your blog. Try to get your own picture and make sure you use Alt Text When Uploading the Picture to you blog or website at anytime. 

Step 6. Immediately you publish a  new post on your blog or website always share the blog post to social media like facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Whatsapp and other to get few traffics directly to your Blog or website.

Step 7. Try to add some page Contact us, About us, Privacy Policy,  at the bottom of your Blog or website. Because this is one of the best part to get an Adsense approval for your blog or website.  

Step 8. Try to add Navigation icon to your blog and Website to make it look professional and awesome. This one also one of the most important parts to get an Adsense approval for your blog or website.

Step 9. When you are about to apply for Google Adsense make sure you removed any other ads from the blog to make it look awesome and nice for Google to Review faster. 

10. finally,  once you follow all this steps, you can now apply for Google Adsense. Once you apply you have to wait for 3-7days before you will get Adsense approval for your blog or website. 
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