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Latest 9mobile Data Bundles Plan and Activation Codes

Etisalat who is also known as (9mobile is one of the best and the fastest network when it comes to browsing, streaming and downloading since Etisalat has changed their name to 9mobile the company also change the data plan price as well.
So Here Today on Vicktechs we are going to list out the Complete full list of 9mobile data plan bundles and activation codes for 9mobile subscribers to purchase and choose affordable plans of their choice easily without much stress.

Latest 9mobile Data Plans and Activation Codes

Daily Data Plan

✔  10MB  Cost N50 Valid For 24hrs To Subscribe Quickly Dail *229*3*8# 
✔  40MB  Cost N100 Valid For 24hrs To Subscribe Quickly Dail *229*3*1# 

Weekly Data Plan

✔  150MB Cost N150 Valid For 7days To Subscribe Quickly Dial *229*2*10#
✔  500MB Cost N500 Valid For 7days To Subscribe Quickly Dial *229*2*11#

Special Offer Plan
✔  1GB Cost N200 Valid For 3days To Subscribe Quickly Dial *929*10#

Monthly Plan

✔  1GB+ Free 250MB+ 2GB for Youtube Cost N1000 Valid For 30days To Subscribe Quickly Dial *229*2*22#

✔  2.5GB+ 2GB for Youtube 1am to 5am Every Night Cost N2000 Valid For 30days To Subscribe Quickly Dial *229*2*44#

✔  5GB+ 2GB for Youtube 1am to 5am Every Night Cost N3,500 Valid For 30days To Subscribe Quickly Dial *229*2*33#

✔  11.5GB+ 2GB for Youtube 1am to 5am Every Night Cost N8,500 Valid For 30days To Subscribe Quickly Dial *229*2*55#

Night Plans

✔  250MB 12am - 5am Cost N50 Valid For 1day To Subscribe Quickly Dial *229*3*10#
✔  1GB  12am - 5am Cost N200 Valid For 1day  To Subscribe Quickly Dial *229*3*11#

Smart Paks Plan

✔  Unlimited Chat On Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and more Cost N50 Valid For 1day To Subscribe Quickly Dial *343*5*5#

✔ Unlimited Chat On Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and more Cost N150 Valid For 7days To Subscribe Quickly Dial *343*5*6#

✔  Unlimited Chat On Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and more Cost N400 Valid For 30days To Subscribe Quickly Dial *343*5*7# 

Weekends Plan

✔ 2GB 7pm To 7am  and the whole of weekends Cost N1000  Valid for 30days To Subscribe     Quickly Dial *229*3*12#

✔ 5GB 7pm To 7am  and the whole of weekends Plus free 100MB For Whatsapp 24/7 Cost N2000  Valid for 30days To Subscribe Quickly Dial *229*3*13#

To Check All Data Balance quickly dial 👉 *228#
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