Friday, 17 November 2017

Top 40 Countries With Highest Google Adsense CPC In 2017/2018

We all know Google Adsense is the best way to make money on a Blog or Website by placing an ad unit. If you are a blogger or you're planning to own a Blog/Website for the first time and make money on it, you have to choose a topic related to those Adsense high paying countries to get the highest CPC.
There's no trick you can use to increase Adsense (Cost Per Click) CPC, But one of the best ways you can manage to increase your Adsense CPC and make money is to focus on Targeting countries and Keywords research to drive more traffics from Google to your blog/website.

Here today on Vicktechs Blog, we are going to list out the Top best 40 Countries with highest paying CPC (Cost Per Click) on Google Adsense in 2017/2018.

Top Countries With Highest Google Adsense CPC

1. United State

2. Canada

3. Australia

4. United Kingdom

5. Germany

6. New Zealand

6. Norway

7. France

8. Netherland

9. Switzerland

10. United Arab Emirate

11. Slovakia

12. Tunisia

13. South Africa

14. Sweden

15. Malaysia

16. Ireland

17. Ghana

18. Russia

19. Spain

20. Nigeria

21. Czech Republic

22. Saudi Arabia

23. Greece

24. Italy

25. Qatar

26. Finland

27. Iceland

28. Denmark

29. Luxembourg

30. Portugal

31. Kenya

32. Hungary

33. Zimbabwe

34. Brazil

35. Tanzania

36. Taiwan

37. Poland

38. India

39. Ukraine

40. South Korea

These are the best Highest Adsense CPC in 2017/2018. If your Google Adsense CPC is low, you don't need to worry, just keep a focus on keyword research by writing a nice article you think your audience may be searching on Google Search Engine to drive traffics directly to your blog.
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